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The latest UBC Newsletter includes:​​

  • From the Pastor: Celebrate the present to build toward the future!

  • Photos from Easter, the children's pancake breakfast/Easter egg hunt, and other events

  • Discernment process: plan now to attend forums and the weekend visit of THRIVE sociologist Mark Mulder (May 7, May 20-21)

  • Report from Lauren Thrift on the Alliance of Baptists spring gathering in Atlanta and the Modern Abolitionist movement

  • New groups: Climate Action, and daytime craft group with FCC

  • Events coming up, including historic Northside church synagogue/church symposium and art exhibit (May 10-11), baby shower (June 4) and other June dates, Project Minnesota Leon summer gathering (July 9), and more

  • Volunteer opportunities including Meals on Wheels (May 1-4), George Floyd Square clean-up (May 7), Every Meal (May 12, 26), places to donate, and more!

  • "It was normal," memoir group contribution from Paula Moyer

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