Social Justice

"...Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

From the beginning, UBC has been made up of people committed to justice, first ending slavery, then gaining women's suffrage, ensuring intellectual and academic freedom--in the 1920s, the freedom to teach the theory of evolution, civil rights, human rights, peace and nonviolence, environmental justice, and equal rights for our gay,lesbian, bisexual, and transgender brothers and sisters. For many of us, working for the reign of God on earth is a spiritual act, a form of worship and of prayer.

Anti-Racism Discussion and Action Group  

Every other Tuesday 7-8pm

ZOOM INFO: Meeting ID: 831 4584 1908 passcode: 313775



We join other people of faith around the world in denouncing the events at our nation’s Capitol and across the country on January 6, 2021. The attempt to overturn the results of one of the most scrutinized elections is a tragedy. But it threw into even starker relief the deep-rooted evils of racism and violence that have been allowed to surface in our country over the past four years. The use of provocative racist symbols in connection with Jesus’ name is an idolatrous abomination. The double standard in the treatment of those trying to take over the Capitol on January 6 and those protesting racial injustice is appalling and reflective of our brokenness as a society. It is a denial of history to say that this is not who we are as a nation. It is incumbent on the church to not only stand up against foreign and domestic tyranny, but to offer something better—to reclaim the core of our faith and to live into those ideals. 

We commit ourselves to the following: 

● To listen to our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) siblings 

● To call out lies and deception 

● To call people to account for acts of violence 

● To resist the temptation to demonize each other 

● To resist the temptation to meet another’s violence with our own superior violence for we believe that this perpetuates a never-ending cycle 

● To remember that violence of the fist starts with violence of the heart 

● To remember the words of the Torah and Jesus to love God and to love our neighbor 

● To study the scriptures and recapture a sense of God’s liberating action today 

● To humbly recognize our blinders and be open to better revelation 

● To commit ourselves to prayerfully and diligently work for a more peaceful and just society 

People of faith can differ over elected officials and political parties. Yet we must call out racism when we see it and advocate with all of our might for the Beloved Community. We join millions of others across this world who also seek this sacred center. May we not rest until the wolf shall lie down with the lamb and they shall not study war any more (Isaiah 2, 11).