This Week at UBC

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Hello Friends: 


Happy August!  Since we went inside yesterday for church in response to the smoke threat, it was a beautiful morning. Go figure. The smoke is supposed to return today, so continue to be careful out there. We have two more outdoor services until we move indoors permanently on August 22nd.  Of course, we have learned that this past year that words like ‘permanent’ and “cure” and ‘safe’ can be fluid.  What is not changeable is the sacredness of our relationship one with another. For they are expressions of how God moves in the world. 


Baby Theodore Finn Loch (son of Claire Mavity and Chris Loch) is now a whole week old.  Word is that he will go by “Finn”. They are home from the hospital and appreciate all of the meals and good wishes people from UBC have sent their way.  If you would like to provide a meal, here’s the schedule of meals provided and needed: 


Steve Lee mentioned that we served upwards of 290 to go meals at Loaves & Fishes on Friday. Thanks to the crew who helped out. We will next provide meals on October 29th.  


We received a large donation of potatoes, red cabbage and onions this week from one of our Sacred Harp singers. If you would like some, please let me know and I’ll put some aside for you. Maybe you know someone who can use them. 


Here is the schedule for the week: 


Tuesday—7pm Memoirs Group 

Meeting ID: 810 6944 9838 passcode: 244380 


Wednesday—4-6pm Worship Planning Team 


Wednesday—6:15-7:45pm UBC Carillon Bell Choir 


Thursday—10am Garden Team (if you would like any plants from our gardens, please contact Trish Donley or Diane Ehr. We will have plants available for digging or receiving thru August 15) 


Thursday—6:30pm Caregivers Support Group 


Sunday - UBC Joys and Concerns / Worship 9:00-9:30 Joys and Concerns 

Meeting ID 839 4725 7444 password 257750 


Sunday—11:30am UBC Council Meeting 


As always, if you can’t attend in person, there will be a prerecorded service available on the church web site, YouTube channel and Facebook page.  We intend to return to livestreaming our in-person services on August 22nd. 


Blessings and Peace, 


Doug Donley