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This Week at UBC

Updated every Monday


Hello Friends:


I hope you all had a fulfilling Memorial Day weekend. The weather was perfect for spending some time outdoors. At UBC, the lilacs, columbine, wild indigo baptisia, and irises are in bloom. By the end of the week, the peonies might emerge. Thanks so much to the Garden Team for maintaining such a colorful urban landscape.  If you want to help maintain this last green space in Dinkytown, come by on Thursday mornings. Many dirty fingers make a greener garden.


This first Sunday in June, we will consider “God’s Heart”.  Now, many of us in Christendom think that we have a corner on God’s Heart. In fact, we have made institutions because we have been so sure that we are in line with God’s Heart. The whole of the Bible is seeking after God’s Heart. And the story is about the conflicts between those sides who claim to know where God’s heart lies. The book of Hosea is a case in point. Hosea the prophet likens the distance between God and God’s people as two estranged lovers.  In Hosea 11:1-9, Hosea imagines God as a parent who is distraught at a wayward child and longs to repair the familial damage. God has a broken heart who wrestles with fleeting thoughts of revenge but thinks better of it, “For I am God and not a mortal…I will not come in wrath.” We’ll celebrate communion and Deidre Druk will be the worship leader.


After church we’ll have a dual baby shower for the new babies that are coming to the Frazier and Diaz/Montiel families.


Looking ahead, our annual meeting will take place after church on June 1th. I’ll be sending out a digital copy of the annual report later on this week. We’ll have several hard copies available on Sunday as well.  Please make plans to attend right after church. We’ll celebrate another fine year, elect officers, approve a budget and then have a meeting of the UBC Foundation.



Here’s what’s happening this week:


Tuesday—7pm Memoirs Group 

Meeting ID: 831 4584 1908 Passcode: 313775  


Wednesday—6:30pm Ireland-touring bell choir Rehearsal 


Thursday—9am-noon Garden Team


Thursday—11:30-1:30pm Worship Planning Team

Meeting ID 897 5733 0521 passcode 837454


Thursday—4:30pm Spanish Conversation

Meeting ID: 870 8785 1406 Passcode: 634591


Thursday—6:30pm Caregivers Support Group

Meeting ID 810 4075 0220 Passcode 251436 


Sunday—10am Service

Here is the link for the livestream on Sunday. 


At around 11 in-person Joys and Concerns happen (not livestreamed, but available on zoom)

Meeting ID 839 4725 7444 password 257750


11:30 or so—Baby Shower

Blessings and Peace,


Doug Donley

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