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This Week at UBC

Updated every Monday

Hello Friends,


I am looking forward to being with you for the next few weeks as we give Doug time to fully recuperate from surgery. Many of you have also dealt with (or are dealing with) health concerns of your own or of family members or friends. Even when we are ready, it can be trying to feel at the mercy of others with knowledge we don't have. Prayers to all who are living in the messiness of life.


And life is messy, isn't it? And complicated much of the time. Each of us knows what's best, of course. If everyone thought the way I did, the world would be a much better place...right?! What do we do when we know things need to change? How do we bring our most creative selves to discerning new ways of being?


My sermon this Sunday is titled, Turning the Tables -Righteous Indignation and Challenging the Status Quo. In the text in John, it is Passover and the moneychangers and merchants are doing big business. Folks who came from foreign countries had to have their money changed into temple currency to be able to pay the temple tax and to purchase the sacrificial animals used during Passover.


Jesus gets angry and refutes the commercialism and busyness in the temple, a place of worship. He calls attention to how people were creating barriers to what true worship is all about. He initiates some creative chaos to remind those in the temple that God’s house is a place of prayer.  What are the barriers we create that distance us from God? How do we turn the tables on injustice and open up new possibilities for love and compassion? Finding our way forward isn't always nice and tidy; sometimes the path we need to travel is messy too.


Peace and grace to you, Anne



PS - As many of you may know, Betsy Kerr had foot surgery this week and will be non weight bearing for at least two weeks. Her sister has been helping while Robbie is at work, but she is leaving Sunday. They would welcome any meals you might be able to provide as Betsy recovers.  Here is the link to the Meal Train for Betsy (and Robbie):




Here’s what’s happening this week:


Tuesday—7pm Memoir writing group

ZOOM INFO: Meeting ID: 831 4584 1908 Passcode: 313775


Wednesday—6pm Choir rehearsal, 7:30pm Bell Choir rehearsal


Saturday—9am Bible Study

ZOOM INFO: Meeting ID: 886 6992 0103 passcode: 613038


Sunday—10am Service at UBC

11am (or so) Joys and Concerns—not live-streamed but on Zoom 

Meeting ID 839 4725 7444 passcode 257750

After Joys and Concerns, Refreshments

11:30am Journeys Bible Study in the Char Follett Library, Forum: Cradle-to-career support with the Northside Achievement Zone


Sunday Worship

10 am – Worship in the sanctuary or join via livestream on the UBC YouTube page.

Curious about membership at UBC?


Join Congregational President Jean Lubke in a one hour discussion to learn - what does it mean to be a Baptist, what does membership involve at UBC, what are the criteria for membership, what are opportunities and expectations of members here?


Join one of these Zoom options:

Sunday, March 3, 2:00-3:00

  Meeting ID 870 5730 4951

  passcode 490576



Monday, March 4, 7:00-8:00

  Meeting ID  824 8367 3429

  passcode 149223


If you are interested, but if neither date works for you, please contact Jean Lubke ( to find an alternative time.

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