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Hello Friends: 


Welcome to the New Year. I hope and pray that the raging virus will run its course quickly and with few major hospitalizations. As you know, the latest variant is very contagious.  While the unvaccinated are especially at risk, so are those who are vaccinated and vulnerable. May we do what we need to do to stay healthy.  If that means staying home from church on a Sunday, I trust you will make the best decision for you and your bubble.  Luckily, the services are all livestreamed, so you can get a feeling for being there without being in the room. See the links below. 


As you probably know, Kim and I are taking some vacation time in January.  We’ll be back on or around February 2nd. If there are any pastoral emergencies, please feel free to contact Rev. Jane McBride (612)598-2432 or Rev. Jen Nagel (612)227-9673.  Trista and Patrick will perform their normal duties in the building, and keeping us connected through our web page and emails. Denise Roy is poised to step in to answer any questions or deal with anything the rest cannot handle. You are in good hands. 


Thanks to all who helped serve hundreds of meals at Loaves and Fishes on New Year’s Eve. 


See the UBC Newsletter for the dates and times for our weekly/monthly meetings, including the links. 


Here are the links for the livestreamed services in January:  


            Matty Strickler, preaching “  “Kneeling at the Manger” Matthew 2:1-12 


            Paula Moyer, preaching          “No Excuses” Esther 4:13-17 


            Karen Swenson, preaching     “Altogether” I Corinthians 12:12-31a 


            Matty Strickler, preaching      “Fierce!” I Corinthians 13 


The Sunday services begin at 10am. At around 11am in-person Joys and Concerns happen every Sunday (not livestreamed, but available on zoom) 

Meeting ID 839 4725 7444 password 257750 



Blessings and Peace, 


Doug Donley