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Hello Friends: 


We awaken this week with news of two racially motivated killings. One in a Buffalo Supermarket and another in a church in California. The disease of racism has killed too many and it is past time for people of good will not only to offer thoughts and prayers, but a new imagination for building a culture of peace with justice. The actions of these shooters are the fruit planted in bias and fertilized with a social and other media outlets that normalize hatred and suspicion of nonwhite people.  We are among those who are working to combat these thoughts as they proliferate.  I invite us to remain uncomfortable and intolerant of intolerance.  We need to fertilize our nation with something more verdant, hopeful and sustaining. 


This weekend the Minnesota Chorale is teaming up with the South African group 29:11 and several local Black artists in performing The Seven Last Words of the Unarmed.  Our own Lynnette Fraser, Elwyn Fraser and Becca Donley are among the singers.  The performances will be at Orchestra Hall this weekend and outside at George Floyd Square on May 28th, marking the two year anniversary of his death.  You can read more about it here: 


On Saturday at 4pm, peacemakers from across the hemisphere will gather in a workshop to reimagine liturgy in this historical moment. We will be led by Steven Chandy from Boston and Red Crearte from Argentina. Here's a link to the event:


....Virtual workshop: Healing Liturgy ..Taller Virtual: Liturgias que sanan....

.... Leaders: Red Crearte; Steve Chandy (US).. Líderes : Red Crearte; Steve Chandy (EUA)....


This Sunday, we will hold the long-delayed Dedication service for Theodore “Finn” Loch and his parents Claire Mavity and Chris Loch.  Finn was born almost ten months ago and this will be a great celebration and UBC reunion for the Mavity/Loch family.  My sermon is entitled, “Seek the Land.” Psalm 104 celebrates the land and its animals. It marvels at creation. How do we stand in awe of the land? How do we preserve it for the next generation? Megan Gunnar will be the worship leader and the UBC drop-in Choir will sing (just show up at 9:15 to learn a simple anthem). 


We have received 20 copies of the Alliance of Baptists book, “Taking on the Cross.” Pick one up the next time you are at UBC. 




This week: 

Monday—Spanish Classes: 5pm Intermediate, 6:15pm Beginner 

 meeting ID 836 6517 4632 passcode 216793 


Monday—UBC/FCC knitting group hosted by Cynthia Hobbs 


Tuesday—7pm Memoirs Group 

        Meeting ID: 831 4584 1908 Passcode: 313775 


Wednesday—10am Garden Team 


Wednesday—6pm UBC Chorale; 7:30pm UBC Carillon Bell Choir  


Thursday—4:30pm Spanish Conversation class 

meeting ID 836 6517 4632 passcode 216793 



Saturday—9am Bible Study  

meeting ID 886 6992 0103 passcode 613038 



The Sunday service begins at 10am. Here’s a link to the livestream:  



At around 11am in-person Joys and Concerns happen every Sunday (not livestreamed, but available on zoom) 

Meeting ID 839 4725 7444 password 257750 


At about 11:15 or so, the same zoom room will stay open and we’ll have a Forum about the Sabbatical. 


2pm Pastoral Relations Committee. 


Blessings and Peace, 


Doug Donley