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This Week at UBC

Updated every Monday

Hello Friends:


We had a great Pentecost celebration yesterday, including the last bell choir performance of the season. We got new gutters installed over the playground just in time for the rain. Now the roof rain will once again properly drain into the rain gardens.


On Sunday, we received not only our annual reports, but a nice synopsis of the discernment process. I’m attaching the annual report to this email. Please review it before our June 2nd annual meeting, which happens right after church.


Every Wednesday at 11am from now thru July 3, the Alliance of Baptists is holding free webinars about decolonizing the Great Commission. Y0ou can find the schedule here. They are great conversations and presentations.


The Garden Team will be meeting Thursday mornings to help take care of the weeds and the flowers on our beautiful property. They’ll meet at 9am and work for a while until they tire out. There’s always something to do and newcomers are welcome!


Saturday is the deadline for the June newsletter. Please send your announcements, photos, stories and/or poetry to Chris Follett at


Saturday is the four-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. It’s also Memorial Day weekend. Those two events intersect when we consider the need for safety, freedom and security. Those are the things we supposedly fight for in wars. It’s also shorthand for demonizing your so-called enemy. And so, we enact policies to support security and safety, sometimes at the expense of freedom. Freedom for one does not mean the same thing to another, same with safety and security. I’ll be grappling with all of this in my sermon entitled, “Safety, Security and Freedom.” Psalm 121 declares that God will be our protector. How does God protect us today? How do we persecute another in the name of protection? Lots to think about. Carrie Lubke will be the worship leader. 


Next week (May 31st) we’ll be serving meals at Loaves and Fishes. We’ll need volunteers between 2 and 7pm. If you can help out, please contact Steve Lee at



Here’s what’s happening this week:


Monday—7pm UBC/FCC Knitting Group hosted by Mercedes Tuma-Hansen


Tuesday—4pm University Area Sanctuary Coalition meeting


Tuesday—5:30pm Sacred Harp


Tuesday:—7pm Memoirs Group

Meeting ID: 831 4584 1908 Passcode: 313775


Thursday—9am Garden Team


Thursday—7pm Pastoral Relations


Sunday—10am Service at UBC - Worship in the sanctuary or join via livestream on the UBC YouTube page.

11am (or so) Joys and Concerns—not live-streamed but on Zoom 

Meeting ID 839 4725 7444 passcode 257750

After Joys and Concerns, Refreshments

4pm Sacred Harp


Blessings and Peace,


Doug Donley


UBC Annual Report 23-24

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