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Hello Friends: 


We had another beautiful day yesterday. The bell choir played. The sun shone as we hosted our rain garden tour. The boiler was turned on for the first time and it worked. The Vikings even won.   


I will be in Atlanta this weekend. I get to co-officiate my niece’s wedding. While I’m gone (Friday-Monday) Anne Supplee will be on call for pastoral emergencies. You can reach her at 612-715-1705.  Karen Swenson will preach on Sunday. Her sermon is entitled, “Reboot”. In Genesis 9:1-7, Noah and his menagerie step foot on dry ground for the first time in over 40 days. They are given instructions to be fruitful and multiply.  In many ways it's a re-creation story.  If we were given a do-over, what might we do different? What might we prioritize? What might we shun? Jean Lubke will be the worship leader. 


On Sunday, we’ll also have our fourth Sunday choir. Anyone who wants to sing, just show up at 9:15 and learn a simple anthem. Experienced and novice singers are welcome. 


Sunday’s service will again be livestreamed from the Sanctuary. You can find it on the UBC Youtube page and via link from the church web site.  While we will not be pre-recording services, the live services ought to be viewable any time after they go live (10am Sundays).  To protect confidentiality, Joys and Concerns will happen at 9am via zoom and after the service around 11am (after the livestream has ended). 

Here’s the link for this Sunday’s service: 

Thanks to Our Streaming Team. If you want to join this team please contact Becca at  


The forum on October 24 will be a "Ballot Box Preview/Discussion." We'll have a chance to share information and questions about what's on the ballot in our local elections coming up on November 2. In Minneapolis and St. Paul, some big charter questions deal with rent stabilization/affordable housing measures, and restructuring public safety is a question in Minneapolis. What's on the ballot where you live? Attend in person or on Zoom (use the same link as Joys and Concerns). We will start at 11:15. NOTE: The building history forum originally announced for this week will be Nov 7, when we will be celebrating the cornerstone centennial. 


Many of you have started completing the Thrive Initiative survey. I found mine in my junk mail, so you may want to check there or use the link I sent last week. Look for an email from About halfway through the survey it asks for the name of the church. There are several University Baptist Churches out there, so please make sure you use the full church name and the zip code (55414).  Our church should show up if you use those identifiers. Thanks for participating. 


Former Seminary Intern and Chaplain Anne Supplee is hosting a forum on getting through Fall on Wednesday night at 7pm. Here’s a promo for it:  

Fall inherently includes letting go of things, but letting go can also invite a new time.  How does what you let go of become mulch in the ground of your life? And what do we as people learn from the land which needs time to rest and renew? Join with Quaker chaplains Anne Supplee and Maia Twedt as we experience the act of letting go and acknowledging darker days and longer nights.  Share in a ritual of putting things to rest.   Be together as we prepare for a seasonal shift. Cost is $20 Connect to get more information and the link: 



Finally, Beacon Interfaith Housing is inviting UBCers to participate in a phone banking session this Saturday starting at 9:30am. This is to support the ballot initiatives in Minneapolis and St. Paul for rent stabilization. If you are interested, here’s the link: 


Here is the schedule for the week: 


Monday: 5pm intermediate Spanish; 6:15pm beginners Spanish  

meeting ID 836 6517 4632 passcode 216793   


Monday: 7pm UBC/FCC Knitting group at the home of Cynthia Hobbe 


Tuesday—7pm Memoirs 

meeting ID: 810 6944 9838 passcode: 244380 


Wednesday—10am Garden Team 


Wednesday—7:30pm Bell Choir  


Sunday - UBC Joys and Concerns / Worship 9:00-9:30 Joys and Concerns 

Meeting ID 839 4725 7444 password 257750 


            9:15 Choir rehearsal 

            10am in-person and livestreamed Worship. 

~11am in-person Joys and Concerns (not livestreamed) 

11:15am Forum 


Blessings and Peace, 


Doug Donley