We welcome your financial support of University Baptist Church.  

You can give conveniently online through Vanco (via the window or Donate button below). If you want to avoid processing fees, you can mail a check to University Baptist Church 1219 University Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414.  You can also set up a direct payment from your bank (it’s free).  

We thank you for your support. 


  • Pledge Giving

  • General Gifts for Ministry and Missions

  • Monthly Mission Giving

  • Fellowship Fund

  • Nicaragua Sister Church

  • Nicaragua Sister Church School

Each month we lift up one of our mission partners. If you want to earmark a donation to this mission, please indicate that on your payment (online or by check).


Our special offering for May and June supports Ministries for Refugees and Sanctuary


The special offerings for May and June will go toward ministries for refugees and sanctuary. We all know that the past 5 years have been a very challenging time for those seeking refuge or asylum in our country. While we hope that the election will lead to new policies, that has not yet been the case. Yet the number of people fleeing their homes because of war, ethnic cleansing, environmental disaster, and uncontrolled violent crime is at an all time high. Sometimes our own government policies have led to the conditions that cause people to flee their country. We have used these offerings in the past to support organizations such as Refugee Services at the Minnesota Council of Churches and our own sanctuary coalition. Please consider a gift to our May and June special offering to support our work to welcome the stranger.