We welcome your financial support of University Baptist Church.  

You can give conveniently online through Vanco (via the window or Donate button below). If you want to avoid processing fees, you can mail a check to University Baptist Church 1219 University Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414.  You can also set up a direct payment from your bank (it’s free).  

We thank you for your support. 


  • Pledge Giving

  • General Gifts for Ministry and Missions

  • Monthly Mission Giving

  • Fellowship Fund

  • Nicaragua Sister Church

  • Nicaragua Sister Church School

Each month we lift up one of our mission partners. If you want to earmark a donation to this mission, please indicate that on your payment (online or by check).



The special Outreach Offering for January and February are for organizations providing supportive services to children who are affected by poverty, racism and all the things we face in our society, but who lack a voice to make changes. 

Organizations like the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery ( and Every Meal ( work to provide children with safe places to live and food to eat - basic human needs.  We hope you will consider donating during these two months to help support important ministries and programs aimed at keeping children safe.

In addition to our regular mission giving, we ask that you might consider funding aid to both Haiti and Afghanistan. IF you would like to send financial assistance to earthquake relief in Haiti, you can do so by sending money to the church earmarked for One Great Hour of Sharing (ABC) which is a fund through the American Baptist Churches which goes to support people during disasters.  


If you would like to help the evacuation process in Afghanistan, you can find organizations which are doing this work.  In particular, is one which is helping to evacuate LGBTQ Afghanis:

Donations made through individually sponsored GoFundMe pages are not tax deductible.  

For more information about deductions for contributions through GoFundMe, go to this page: