Thursday, 18 October 2012 00:00

2018-19 Worship Theme

2018-2019 Worship at UBC 

Stories of Hope:

Speaking Truth In/To Power


When negative news and fear-mongering from national leaders pervades our lives, we long for not only a respite from but an antidote to defeatism.  

The truth is that we are surrounded by people who speak with a different and divinely inspired sense of urgency.  We’ll spend the year experiencing the hopeful stories that pervade the lives significant figures.  

Each Sunday, we’ll hear a story of a person who has spoken truth to power and spoken in the power of God. Some of these people will be Biblical figures. Others will be stories from history or our contemporary lives.  

We’ll explore how they spoke their truth and set in motion ways to better their lot in life.  In the process, we’ll imagine how we can best use our energy and the power we share with God.  

-         Doug Donley, Pastor