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UBC's primary instrument during most services is the pipe organ, having acquired in its earliest days a cabinet organ in the early 1870's about twenty years after the congregation was founded. The instrument in our building today, built freestanding in the rear balcony in 1981, is Dobson's Opus 15  (II/30) and replaced Reuter's Opus 237 (III/18) built originally in 1927 in front chambers (with 1969 Moller console). The service of dedication was played by music director Martha Pittenger on October 11, 1981, with a recital the same evening. A booklet published for the organ's inauguration can be seen here.  It was the feature instrument  of The American Organist journal in October 1982. The project was facilitated by pastor Lee Freeman, organist and choir director Martha Pittenger, consultant Keith Linney, James Maeser of the University of Kansas, and a task force consisting of (at various stages) Jim Ross, Tony Garmers, Siri Kommedahl, Chuck Campbell, Janet Otis, Craig Edwall, Andy Collins, Jim Campbell, Bill Schafer, and Bob Wallace.



By 1980 the rear Sanctuary balcony was also home to a one-manual two-rank (8' and 4') 52-note Zuckermann kit harpsichord dating from the late 1960s or early 1970's. Church archives indicate it was probably built by William Gudim of Watertown, Minnesota, and was acquired by UBC between 1976 and 1980. It is used frequently during services as a solo instrument and for accompanying strings or voices on Baroque repertoire.



On the main floor of the Sanctuary lives a Petrof grand piano that was manufactured around the year 2000 in the Bohemian town of Hradec Kralove, about 70 miles east of Prague. Purchased from local resident Linda Hanson in 2008 (who, in addition to not seeing it played as much as she wanted, found its sound too big for her residence), the Petrof replaced the regular use of a Bush & Lane baby grand manufactured in the early decades of the 20th century that had developed a cracked pin block.

In the church Lounge resides a 1982 Everett Studio upright piano given by  Nancy Myers in 2016. This is the main instrument for leading smaller services in this space and supplies a keyboard for use of the Lounge as a teaching space.

 smaller petrof

 Our beautiful Petrof grand