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This Week at UBC

May 22, 2017

Hello Friends,
Yesterday afternoon, I attended Luther Seminary’s graduation ceremony. I watched Salai Mang receive his PhD in theology.  It was especially touching to see Mang surrounded by his family and friends from Burma (including his mother). Mang, Nay Win and Elijah will be moving back home to Burma next week. They will be in church this Sunday and we will have a chance to say goodbye to them.
The State Legislature is finalizing their budget today. Pray for the legislature that they will make wise decisions that can be signed by the governor. With a large surplus, it ought to be relatively easy. The bottom line ought to be that the poor and marginalized will be protected in the budget.
The UBC Council approved a budget for our church on Sunday afternoon.  Look for it in the annual report that will be available on Sunday. The Council needed to find a way to trim about $27,000 from the proposed budget that they published back in March. We will vote on this budget at the Annual Meeting on June 4th.
On Sunday, my sermon is entitled, “I Want Mercy”.  The scripture reading is Hosea 6:1-6.  It’s both Ascension Day and Memorial Day weekend. The holiday conjures up painful memories for some. My mind goes back to the American Cemetery in Normandy, France that we visited on the bell tour about seven weeks ago. The sights, sounds and dignity of that holy ground are seared into my memory. Where are your holy places? In Hosea 6:6 God says, “I want mercy, not sacrifice.” How might we continue to show mercy to those who need it?  Laura Potratz will be on vacation for the next three Sundays. Helen Jensen will be our substitute organist. Paula Moyer will be worship leader.
The series My Neighbor is Muslim concludes this Thursday evening. The topic is Diversity within Islam. We have been invited to join the Northwest Islamic Community Center for two Iftar meals (a breaking of the Ramadan fast) Wednesday, May 31 and Saturday, June 17 at 7:30pm. Here’s the link for registering for the meal: http://mnchurches.org/respectfulcommunities/interfaithprogramming/takingheart/registration.html
Looking ahead:
June 4 is our annual meeting. Please pick up an annual report this Sunday and look it over. We need to vote on our 2017/18 officers and budget on June 4th.
June 4 we will host a Rapid Response Training session at UBC from 6-8pm.  The training will make us ready to respond in an emergency when there is a report of an ICE raid. Join other members of the University Area Sanctuary Coalition in this training.
June 22 is our annual Worship Planning Retreat at Lyngblomsten.  All are welcome, even if you don’t want to serve on the Worship Planning Team. The team needs your input as we plan our theme for the year.
June 24 and 25 is the annual Pride Festival in Loring Park. As always, we will be having a booth with our friends at Judson Memorial Baptist Church
June 24 at 7pm, Steve Gretz and Leslie Lee will perform a Roots Cellar concert.  They are stopping by on their way to the ABC Biennial Convention in Portland, OR.
June 25 at 7pm we will host a prayer vigil for the University Area Sanctuary Colaition.
This Week:
Tuesday: 5:30-7:30pm Sacred Harp,
Thursday: 7pm “My Neighbor is Muslim” series @ UBC (Note change in date);
Sunday:10am Worship,
 11am community time (note, no refreshments will be served in solidarity with our Muslim sisters and brothers who are fasting during Ramadan),
 5-7pm Sacred Harp,
Blessings and Peace,
Doug Donley