This Week at UBC

Hello Friends:

The Memorial Service for Margaret Landry will be held at UBC on Saturday, January 19th at 2pm.  Please keep her family, clients and friends in your prayers. I’m attaching her obituary here:

Chris Follett is coordinating the reception. If you are willing to help, please let Chris know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Memorial contributions for Erasmus Meinerts should be sent to Habitat for Humanity in Guatemala, a project near and dear to Erasmus.  Here’s what the family has said:

This Sunday is Martin Luther King Sunday.  My sermon is entitled, “The Promised Land.”  In his last sermon, Dr. King spoke of Moses’ viewing of the Promised Land.  There’s something about the Promised Land that is always in the future.  Even as we make steps toward it, there are improvements, reforms and enhancements that require our attention.  Dr. King made it to the Promised Land of heaven, but not to the Promised Land here on earth. The Promised Land is both a heavenly and earthly realm.  I think his message was that we need to work for both.  The Scripture reading will be Deuteronomy 34:1-12.  The UBC Chorale will sing a version of “Precious Lord” that incorporates words from Dr. King’s last sermon.  Megan Gunnar Dahlberg will be the worship leader.

The Worship Planning Team spoke yesterday about having a mid-week service during the Lenten season which begins on March 6 and lasts into the middle of April.  We are wanting to gauge the interest of the congregation about this. If we had a noon Wednesday service, followed by a light lunch, would you attend?  Would you like to have a Bible or other book study accompany it?  Would you like to have an evening bible or book study in the coming months?  If so what evenings work for you or what would you like to discuss?  Please email me back any answers you might have to these questions.  Thanks.

This Week:

Monday: 7pm UBC/FCC knitting group at the home of Debra Wensman,

Tuesday:5:30-7:30 Sacred Harp,

Wednesday: 5:45-7:15pm UBC Chorale, 7:30-9pm Carillon Bell Choir rehearsal

Saturday: 2pm Memorial Service for Margaret Landry (setup at noon)

Sunday: 10am Worship Service,

              11am Refreshments,

              11:30am Sunday School, Forum: Nicaragua Update with Elizabeth Moriera,

              12:45pm UBC Council,

              4-7pm Sacred Harp.

Blessings and Peace,

Doug Donley