Tuesday, 05 August 2014 00:00

This Week at UBC

Hello Friends:

A work crew from First Congregational Church is here at UBC this morning doing some priming and painting in the UBC shower and locker rooms.  Another crew from St. Cecilia’s and St. Francis Cabrini churches will be here on Friday morning to continue the work.  Margie Garmers left a long list of instructions for volunteers to accomplish in her absence.  I’m so thankful for the synergy of the University Area Sanctuary Coalition that is pitching in to make our building ready to house guests seeking sanctuary.
We are T-minus four days until three members of our Nicaraguan sister church arrive for their ten-day visit.  They will gather for dinner at our house on Friday night and then attend the Renaissance Festival on Saturday.  There are plenty of opportunities to accompany them throughout their visit. I will send out a separate email in a few days giving more specific dates and times of events. 
We will look forward to more formally greeting our Nicaraguan guests in church this Sunday. They have prepared a song to sing for us and we will begin the process of getting to know Isabel, Napoleón and Anielka, representatives of Second Baptist Church of León, Nicaragua.  My sermon on Sunday is entitled (appropriately) “Crossing Borders”. The scripture reading from Exodus 14:19-29 tells of the Hebrew people crossing out of their Egyptian adopted home.  It was a triumphant leaving, but it took them another 40 years to reach a new home.  So it is with people who cross borders.  There is initial joy, but it’s tempered by real-life struggle for survival.  Some never reach the Promised Land.  How do we support people at different steps on the journey? What do we learn about ourselves as we accompany them?  What borders do we wish to cross? Rachael Acevedo will be the worship leader.  She will offer the prayer and the call to worship in both Spanish and English.
We are collecting school supplies for our sister church to take back with them on August 28th. We are also collecting scholarships for Colegio Bautista, the school that they run.  $140.00 pays for a full year’s tuition for one child at their K-6 school of about 130 students.  Isabel Lantas is the director of Colegio Bautista and she can give you a first-hand report on how the school uses the funds and supplies we sent to them.  Please bring your donations and supplies this Sunday, so we have time to inventory and pack them in old suitcases to send back with the delegation.
When you come to church on Sunday, you’ll notice a new addition to our sanctuary. A nearby church was practically giving away some of their chairs.  The Council decided to invest $500 from our wish list funds for 63 chairs (They are often about $100 each).  We have moved a few pews out of the sanctuary and have added some chairs for alternative seating.  They have oak backs and legs that match our pews. The seats are padded in a very light purple color. We are not quite sure how to use these chairs and we welcome your ideas. We certainly want to maintain the wonderful sanctuary acoustics while granting us some more flexibility in the way we configure our worship space.  Some will likely end up in the lounge and library.  They are sturdy, stackable and an upgrade from some of the rickety chairs in the lounge.   The Worship Planning Team and Council welcome your feedback and creative ideas for how to best use these chairs.
Thanks to the Westers for hosting such a fine picnic at their house this past Saturday!
The deadline for the September newsletter is Monday, September 28th.
This Week:
Tuesday: morning: Painting Team, 4:45pm Pastoral Relations, 5:30-7:30pm Sacred Harp,
Friday: 9am Painting Team, 10am Garden Team, 5:30pm Nicaraguan guests arrive,
Saturday: Nicaraguan guests go to the Renaissance Festival,
Sunday:10am Worship,
 11am Refreshments,
 possibly Como Park/Zoo with Nicaraguan guests,
 4-7pm Sacred Harp.
Blessings and Peace,
Doug Donley