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Monthly Mission Offering

May Mission Offering: Peace Ministries

UBC's May mission special offering goes to support the peace ministries of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, Women Against Military Madness, and ABC International Ministries' Dan Buttry.

The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America – Bautistas por la Paz (BPFNA) is the largest network of Baptist peacemakers in the world.  Its organizational mission statement is "Witnessing to God's peace rooted in justice - working together until it comes." ( They host the summer conference (nicknamed "Peace Camp") where many UBCers have gathered to hear the motivational words and music of peacemakers and theologians.  Contributions provide conference scholarships.  BPFNA also encourages peace breakfasts at various regional gatherings, including in our own Rochester-Genesee region where the annual Shalom award is given.  To equip peacemakers, BPFNA publishes the monthly magazine the Baptist Peacemaker which has included articles about and by UBCers.  BPFNA coordinates friendship tours in mission areas, including tours led by UBCers to Burma and Nicaragua.  Their fair trade project allows Baptists (including UBC) to purchase fairly traded coffee, chocolate, tea, olive oil, and snacks and to help local farmers plant trees, access water, and obtain further education.

Women Against Military Madness (WAMM) has been advocating for peace in the Twin Cities metro area since 1982.  As a local justice and peace organization, they act from the grassroots "allowing activities to form committees and act on issues based on their own passions." ( WAMM supports direct action, coalition building, and individual action. 

Rev. Dr. Dan Buttry is one of our ABC missionaries supported through International Ministries.  Dan is a global consultant for peace and conflict resolution.  He provides conflict resolution training for congregations and community organizations around the world; he also works in a mediating role in conflicts within congregational or church bodies, community, or political groups. 

Your May mission offering may be donated to the group of three organizations or can be earmarked to one particular ministry partner.