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Welcome to University Baptist Church (UBC). Located adjacent to  the University of Minnesota, we are linked with the University community and beyond to the greater Twin Cities. An intentional focus on inclusiveness, peacemaking, and social justice guides our worship and ministries.  Fine music is integral to our worship, with varied ensembles for self-expression.

Our affiliations are not only American Baptist but across denominations.... all are welcome here.  We are intrigued and captured by the challenge and the whimsy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while seeking to live out this Good News in our individual and collective lives.

Our mission at UBC is:

  • to be a loving and inclusive community
  • seeking faith, joy and action
  • nurtured by the biblical traditions, the teachings of Christ, and God's continuing revelation.

Our congregation includes all ages from varied walks of life.  These multi-talented, dedicated participants greatly enhance the life and ministries of UBC.  Please browse through the website to learn more about UBC, our ministries, programs and educational opportunities.  Better yet, come and visit us in person.  We'd like to get to know you.

For more information about UBC or anything on this website, please contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

September 2014 Mission Offering PDF Print E-mail

AMOS and Second Baptist Church/School in León, Nicaragua

The first September Mission Offering is for AMOS: A Ministry of Sharing Hope & Health.  AMOS is a non-profit faith based health care organization based in Managua, Nicaragua. The late Rev. Gustavo Parajón began the organization and now his son, Dr. David Parajón and his wife, Dr.Laura Parajón run the organization.  AMOS is dedicated to improving the health of poor and marginalized rural populations in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in Latin America.  AMOS uses a community based system that is responsive to local needs and empowers local people to improve the health of all people in their communities.  Lay health workers are trained to run their own local clinics to prevent and treat the most common illnesses.  The most vulnerable sectors of society and those in greatest need are helped.  Respect, dignity and the potential of each person and community to serve is at the core of the AMOS health care model.   For more information about AMOS please visit:

The other September Mission Offering supports our sister-church relationship with the Second Baptist Church and School in León, Nicaragua.  There are three areas to which you can give:
1.  Second Baptist Church - to support the ministry work of the church
2.  Godparent Program - to support a student in the school
3.  Support a Teacher - to support a teacher in the school

UBC established a sister church relationship with Second Baptist Church in 1992 while Nadean Bishop was serving as Pastor.  In 2003, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 members of UBC visited Nicaragua and stayed with members of the church in León.  Five members of the Church of León visited us here at UBC for 10 days in September, 2008, 2011 and 2014!

The cost for one student to attend the Second Baptist School is $120.00 per student per year (half scholarships at $60.00).  UBCers have supported many students in the León school in the past years!  The second way you may donate is to support a student through the Godparent Program.

The third way is to give to Support a Teacher who is teaching in the school.  This year five teachers are working for free because there is not the money to pay them.  The pay for one teacher per month is $394.00.  

Please donate generously to AMOS,  Second Baptist Church, the Godparent Fund or Support a Teacher.  Please give in joy and as you are able.  Every amount helps!

Special Fellowship Offering PDF Print E-mail

Special Fellowship Fund Offering Each communion Sunday (first Sunday of the month) UBC collects a special offering for persons who come to us with personal and immediate need. These needs are met by the gifts you place in the Fellowship Fund Offering boxes at the front and side doors of the sanctuary each communion Sunday. Thank you for all the ways you care.