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UBC Library

LibraryIn February 2009 the long process of weeding, classifying and cataloging the books and the media material in the library was completed.  This has been a labor of love and an admirable achievement by a number of devoted UBC members. Several years ago Rev. Jim Ketcham started the process - he reviewed every book in the library, culling out ones outdated, not needed or falling apart and keeping only the best. 

Many books have also been added since then. Jim then devised a system of subject headings into which each book was classified.  When Jim left UBC, Sue and Don Wester took over this project and have now brought it to fruition.  Before the cataloging could be done, each subject heading was given code letters, which have been taped on the spine of each book. Then the books were arranged alphabetically by the author's surname on the shelves in subject groupings. Library

An alphabetized list of subject headings and their location in the library has been posted on the library bulletin board. Various media items within their formats (audio, CD, VHS video, DVD)  are arranged on the shelves by title. The catalog is now complete, with both a computerized and hard-copy version.  The paper copy resides in a loose-leaf binder on the large table in the library.  In it all books are listed in three ways - by subject, title and author.  (See "printed collection" below)  Media items within their formats are arranged alphabetically by title and author (producer, composer, etc.) where known.

This has been a monumental task.  We are indebted to Don and Sue, who have worked steadily over the past  18 months and more to complete the catalog.  We hope this arrangement will be helpful.  Don and Sue Wester and Lu Carman will be happy to assist those who need and wish to find material in the library any way they can.  

To do a book or electronic media search, first click on the appropriate collection below.  The books are listed in three separate catalogs - by subject, author's surname and title.To browse, scroll through the catalog of interest.  Or, if your computer has a FIND or SEARCH function, it may be used to locate a book by typing in the title or its key words or the author's surname.    The code letters in the right hand column will be your key to locating the book on the library shelf. The upper letters of the code indicate the subject heading under which the book is filed, and  the  lower letters are the first three letters of the author's surname.  Because the books are placed on the library shelves in alphabetical order by the author's surname, you should be able to find the book in the library without difficulty.  When borrowing, don't forget to sign your items out in the circulation register on the top of the bookshelf to the left of the door as you leave. Thank you.

Printed collection by subject
(.pdf,  249 kb)

Printed collection by author (.pdf,  240 kb)

Printed collection by title (.pdf,  245 kb)

Electronic media collection (.pdf, 73 kb)