What's a Baptist?

What’s a Baptist? The American Baptist Churches in the USA (ABC/USA) is one of more than 30 distinct Baptist denominations in North America. Many of these Baptists trace their history to the Congregational Puritans and Separatists from the Church of England. The ABC/USA, like other Baptist denominations, is a voluntary association of autonomous local churches organized for the mutual encouragement and support of common missions and ministries. Thus, there are interdependent American Baptist churches but no American Baptist Church. 

We actually like Baptists.  We are part of progressive Baptist movements like The Alliance of Baptists, The Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists, The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America and American Baptist Churches of the Rochester/Genesee Region.

University Baptist Church (UBC), then, is a unique autonomous church with distinctive characteristics and ministries serving God locally and globally in association with other American Baptist churches.